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Продукция > Гематология > MEK-6318
Автоматический гематологический анализатор
(18 параметров)

Hematology Analyzer
Celltac alpha


  • Simple and fully automatic operation with 18 parameters, 3 part WBC differential and high eosinophil flag.

  • Nihon Kohden Celltac hematology analyzers have an excellent reputation for high data reproducibility and precision.

  • High accuracy and reliability
    All Celltac hematology analyzers incorporate a specially designed fluid path to reduce contamination. This is achieved by various innovative engineering. For example, double mixing baths provide thorough hemolyzing and reliable data. Also, twin dilution nozzles prevent cross contamination between RBC and WBC sampling.

  • High performance and convenient operation

    • Optional cap pierce unit for safer operation

    • Fully automatic operation. Just load a sample and push it against the plate.

    • 18 parameters with 3-part WBC differential

    • Flag message for high eosinophil

    • Memory for 400 sample numerical data and 20 histograms

    • Large backlit LCD touchscreen displays histograms and data

    • Diluter for capillary blood sample. No micro-dispenser required.

    • Accurate results even from a small capillary blood sample of 10 or 20 uL

    • Very quiet operation. No air compressor required.

    • Optional built-in thermal array printer records histograms and data. No extra space required for a printer.

    • Space saving design

    • Easy routine maintenance

  • High safety
    An optional cap pierce unit gives you safer operation by eliminating any chance to touch blood directly. You just put the capped sample tube in the cap pierce holder and close the door. Celltac alpha immediately starts measurement and automatically opens the holder door after completing measurement.

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